Unlike other places of worship, ancient temples of India are a result of great Tapas of Bhaktas. Invariably, these are places where some Bhakta had Saakshaatkaaram of Paramaatma. Out of mere Karuna, these Bhaktas request the God to stay back at the particular Kshetra to bless humanity. Though this is the common theme, each story of a Bhakta is unique and is a great learning to us.

This blog is a collection of authentic stories of such divine Bhaktas who are responsible for bringing these Kshetras to us. Apart from these Bhaktas, we are grateful to VedaVyaasa and other rishis for recording their stories and enlightening us with this divine knowledge.

Care has been taken to write the stories as per the appropriate versions as told by our Rishis. We offer our sincere Namaskaarams to Shri Saamavedam Shanmukha Sarma gaaru, as most of the stories presented here are adaptations from his enlightening discourses.

Each blog post is titled using the name of the Bhakta and tagged with the name of the Kshetra. You may browse by names of Bhaktas or by names of the Kshetra:

List of Kshetras:

  1. श्रीकाळहस्ति Story1, Story2, Story3, Story4.
  2. श्रीशैलम् Story1, Story2, Story3, Story4, Story5.
  3. तिरुमलStory1.
  4. चिदम्बरम्Story1.

List of Bhaktas:

  1. वसिष्ठ – Story1, .
  2. लोपामुद्रागस्त्य – Story1.
  3. नत्कीर – Story1,
  4. देवेन्द्र – Story1, Story2.
  5. पर्वत – Story1.
  6. वसुमती – Story1.
  7. चन्द्रावती – Story1.
  8. करवीर – Story1.
  9. नारायणStory1.
  10. माणिक्यवाचकर्Story1.